In my ongoing effort to earn the attention of your peepers, here is another rambling, unfocused blog post about stuff that I’m doing.

Right now, I’m couch surfing at the house of a fellow writer. We are merging our creative energy to into a two-person writer’s conference, complete with marathon outings to the Golden Corral (which I’ve now sworn off).

The synergy seems to be working. I’m getting between three to six thousand words per day on my work in progress (that’s WIP, in indie author speak). I’m also chipping away at some story ideas that keep popping into my head. I’ve posted a couple on the website. Just search for them if you want to read them. I’ll post more as things go along.

But the big deal is reaching the halfway mark on the sequel to Realm of the Nine Circles. I’m just about to the point where the tension is ramping up. The main character is running into problem after problem and his time is running out. If he doesn’t get to level twenty in two more days, evil Lord Mylos will wake once again and throw the Realm of the Nine Circles into chaos.

Between full days of writing the WIP, I continue to develop story ideas. Entire worlds occur to me almost daily, so I have to get it all down somehow, if only just to give a rough sketch of the story idea in the form of a few paragraphs or character sketches.

The short stories are connected to full-length projects I’m considering. They are as follows:

  • A tribal society with decaying technology struggles to surviveĀ on a dystopian mars colony centuries from now
  • In an alternate history timeline, a group of mecha pilots must trek across war-torn Europe to an abandoned city to retrieve Tesla technology in the year 1918
  • Fifteen years after the global man/machine war, a grizzled, jaded veteran living in a community that forbids high technology must join with his former enemies to deal with a new machine threat
  • In 1940s New York City, a Private Oracle is hired to use his powers of divination and magic to solve a murder that a corrupt city government does not want him to solve
  • In an alternate universe, the greatest superhero in the world is an overweight, angry teenaged boy who must overcome his misanthropy and learn to trust his friends so he can save the multiverse

My email address is on the website, as is my social media contact info. Feel free to drop me a line however you wish. You can even use coherent microwaves or subspace transmissions. It’s up you.