R9C3 Shippet (rough draft from Chapter 1):

His friends and current quest companions were close enough for Kalmond to make out something else moving behind them. Its size was apparent, even past the frosted glass of the menu window that Kalmond dismissed with a wave of his hand.

What the hell is that, Kalmond thought. At first, the dwarf guessed it was the opposite horizon. But Horizons don’t grow larger. They also don’t kick up clouds of dust and debris.

He opened up a chat window with a simple thought. The thick glass panel hovered there on the prairie and Kalmond stabbed it with his thick index finger where the name Keerna appeared, then did the same for Thuglar and Thornbark to create a group chat.

“What’s up?” Kalmond asked casually.

“Run,” came Keerna’s breathless reply. It was about that time that the ground beneath the dwarf’s feet began to tremble.

“What? Why?” Kalmond asked. It may have been the euphoric glow of success he felt from surviving his epic grind that made him oblivious. He pondered his cluelessness for a moment before he realized, probably too late, that the horizon growing larger as it bore down on him was made up of many living things. Like so many things in the Realm of the Nine Circles, they probably wanted to kill him.

“Oh shit,” Kalmond said.

“Yeah, that’s about right,” came a familiar voice. “Hi, Dante,” Thuglar said, “I started work in your lab at Plexcorp. Nice to see you in the Realm again. Oh, by the way, we’re all probably gonna die in a minute.”

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