Knight's Creed

Astrid swore an oath to fight injustice and defend the weak.

But after meditating in the wilderness for three years, she never imagined stepping into a quest like this.

Astrid discovers a land where magic users rule through fear and intimidation. They call themselves Movers.

To fight them, she has to rely on all her magical skills as Knight of the Wellspring. She can’t do it alone.

Astrid needs help and she finds it in the most unlikely places.

Join Astrid and her righteous friends as they stand up to the enemies of humanity.

Set on the foundation laid by the Kurtherian Gambit Series, Knight's Creed begins an entirely new story in the Age of Magic

night of the Wellspring.

Knight's Struggle

Wherever there is injustice, Astrid swears to drive it out. She is a Knight of the Wellspring.

It’s on, now.

The line is drawn: do not use your power to keep people down. Cross that line, and answer to the Righteous Dregs.

Astrid and her friends stand up and say “no” to the powerful Protector Lungu. As his authority unravels, the Protector grows more violent, sending his magic-wielding Lieutenants to take back control through violence against innocents.

Astrid, Vinnie, Gormer, Moxy, and Tarkon lead a group of former bandits against the forces of injustice.

Set on the foundation laid by the Kurtherian Gambit Series, Knight's Struggle continues an entirely new story in the Age of Magic.

Knight's Justice

You break it, you bought it.

That is the law of the land in the Protectorates. Astrid, the Wellspring Knight, defeated Protector Lungu in single combat. That makes her the boss. Strange law, but that’s the way it is.

Or is it?

Not everyone sees it that way, especially Lungu’s First Lieutenants. They owe their positions to a dead man who rose to power through corruption, cruelty and greed. They are all-too-eager to keep using that business model.

So when a father/daughter team of weapons merchants from a faraway land comes calling, the Lieutenants make a sinister deal. Now, the bad guys have something called magitech, that can put magic in the hands of any soldier who can pull a trigger.

Astrid swore an oath to protect the innocent and fight for justice at all costs. But this time, that might not be enough.

Follow along as Astrid and her band of noble misfits, the Righteous Dregs, fight for justice in the land.

Set on the foundation laid by the Kurtherian Gambit Series, Knight's Justice continues an entirely new story in the Age of Magic.

Realm of the Nine Circles Book 1

In the MMORPG Realm of the Nine Circles, things are not as they should be. NPC behavior is a little too realistic, and the game's ultimate bad guy, Lord Mylos, is acting weird and killing heaps of players just for fun.

Dante is an entry-level game developer for Plexcorp, the company that owns and runs the game. He knows the secret to the strangeness lies near. Will the answers be in the cavernous depths of the Plexcorp building, owned by the man who created the game? Or is the answer deep within the Nine Circles itself? One thing is certain: asking questions might get him killed.

To figure it all out, Dante must lead a band of adventurers into a virtual reality world where he has to play the game to save not only his own life but the entire Realm itself.

R9C2: The Grind

Realm of the Nine Circles, Book 2

Welcome to Plexcorp, the largest tech company in the world and creator of the world's most popular MMORPG, Realm of the Nine Circles.

Through our pioneering research in artificial intelligence and self-organizing game worlds, we're rapidly developing the technology that will allow you to experience the Realm as if it were real life.

Our cutting edge immersion virtual reality system is in late beta testing right now. You may be playing against our beta testers and not even know it.

In fact, you might be playing against the founder of Plexcorp himself, because he has gone insane and has put himself into a coma so he can become part of the game world and rule it like a god.

That's right; our artificial intelligence is based on interconnected human brains, some of which were harvested on the black market and reanimated in our very own Plexcorp basement. So really, our "artificial intelligence" isn't that artificial after all!

Plexcorp is run by an insane, super-genius criminal who tried to kidnap and kill his own employees to keep his technology secret. How exciting is that?

Dante Alger doesn't think it's all that great, but if he were in charge of writing press releases, that's what he'd say.

Unfortunately, he can't do that, because to stay alive, he made a deal with the devil. Now it's Dante who's keeping Plexcorp's secrets as he dives deep into a virtual reality world to try to fix the system from within. He only left university a few years ago as a B student, and this is the first job of his adult life.

Great career move, Dante.

To make matters worse, he has to fix the game world with a level-one character who must reach level twenty in seven days or the system will crash. Why? Because his old character, Kalmond the Dwarf, a Rogue and a Thief, died a hero in the game world war that set the harvested brains free.

No cheating allowed. Dante must grind to survive.

Fleetfoot Interstellar

It’s another day of work at the Fleetfoot Interstellar Freight Company.

Captain Drexler Fleetfoot just wants to haul freight between the stars, pay off his debts and one day, retire. When a rival crew of Reptilians tries to kill his Insectoid crew members and muscle in on his operation, Drexler tries to get even. Instead, he stumbles headfirst into a Reptilian plan to invade the Trade Union.

Now he is on the hook for starting a war, and on the run from the Reptilian battle fleet. Caught between a Galactic conflict and an unhappy crew he can’t afford to pay, Drexler will have to use all his skills to save his ship, his comrades and his business.

Rogue Messiah: Fleetfoot Interstellar, Book 2

This is the new normal at the Fleetfoot Interstellar Freight Company.

Instead of running cargo between the stars, Captain Drexler Fleetfoot is making plans to fight the Reptilian Invasion fleet. That seems like the best idea to keep the Trade Union from throwing him in prison for starting a war. He thinks he must be crazy, but that does not stop him from cobbling together a resistance force from a cloud of refugee spacecraft.

To hedge his bets, he promised to help the powerful Winged Insectoid General lead her Hive and an army of Arachnids on a mission to save her planet. Drexler has no idea why the General believes he is her solution. The Captain does not care. She has the only real warship around. Or does she?

The Fleetfoot I, with it’s snarky AI computer named Reggie, is holding some secrets that just might help. The only problem is that Reggie doesn’t know what those might be.

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