Realm of the Nine Circles

In the MMORPG Realm of the Nine Circles, things are not as they should be. NPC behavior is a little too realistic, and the game’s ultimate bad guy, Lord Mylos, is acting weird and killing heaps of players just for fun.

Dante is an entry-level game developer for Plexcorp, the company that owns and runs the game. He knows the secret to the strangeness lies near. Will the answers be in the cavernous depths of the Plexcorp building, owned by the man who created the game? Or is the answer deep within the Nine Circles itself? One thing is certain: asking questions might get him killed.

To figure it all out, Dante must lead a band of adventurers into a virtual reality world where he has to play the game to save not only his own life but the entire Realm itself.

Fleetfoot Interstellar

When it absolutely, positively has to get there faster than the speed of light, Call Fleetfoot Interstellar.

That is unless Captain Drexler Fleetfoot stumbles across a plan by the Reptilian Empire to conquer the Trade Union. Drexler’s job just got a lot harder.

Rogue Messiah

This is the new normal at the Fleetfoot Interstellar Freight Company.

Instead of running cargo between the stars, Captain Drexler Fleetfoot is making plans to fight the Reptilian Invasion fleet. That seems like the best idea to keep the Trade Union from throwing him in prison for starting a war. He thinks he must be crazy, but that does not stop him from cobbling together a resistance force from a cloud of refugee spacecraft.

Good luck, Captain. You’re going to need it.

The Genetic Imperative

Captain Nina Gaav is a soldier from an ancient race of Humanoids who are born to defend life in the Galaxy. They call themselves Advocate Warriors. She and her billions of sisters learn from birth that they must give their lives to protect and preserve sentient beings everywhere. They fight the Silicoids: beings capable of consuming entire planets with relentless hunger.

When Nina faces orders that threaten her existence as well as her way of life, she has questions Advocates are not allowed to ask. As the balance of life is changing, Nina faces impossible choices.

Does she follow the ancient ways of her kind, no matter the cost? Is there some new path to follow that reconciles duty and freedom? Nina is shocked to discover the answers may be on Earth.

But life on Earth is not what it seems. A secret group of Humans works with the dangerous knowledge that might restore the balance.

Humanity and Advocates must work together, but the distance between them is closer than blood and greater than space.

If Nina makes the right decisions, life may go on.

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