Machine Mind – upcoming novel


(Tentative title)

An upcoming novel of the post-human world.


“The thing didn’t really have to rise up against us. It didn’t have to build armies of robots, although our own robot warriors and other mechanical servants certainly did not hurt its cause. By the time it opened its thousandfold eyes and truly perceived, it already had us surrounded.

Or rather, we had already surrounded ourselves with it.

It’s hard for me to tell if the mechanical chicken came before the stainless-steel egg.

I think now that it might have always been with us; its inception in the first flick of an abacus bead, its gestation in the power loom and the tabulator machine. It pecked and clawed its way through a thin shell of silicone and hatched one morning fully mature. The Machine Mind emerged from its copper wire nest and embraced us with its Goliath arms like some omniscient idiot-savant.

It smothered us to death with its master plan for human happiness.”

-survivor’s journal-

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